Digital Insurance, an employee benefits agency, has expanded its local market presence by acquiring employee benefits management agencies located in Virginia, and North Carolina

CCA in Reston, Virginia, operated by Cynthia Atwater just outside of Washington, and BCT (formerly Carolina Benefit Plans), led by George Ramsay in Raleigh,and North Carolina, joined forces with Digital to gain more resources, sophisticated technology, price advantages and proprietary solutions.

The agencies’ owners and staff will continue working in their respective locations under the Digital Insurance brand with enhanced capabilities to offer current clients and prospects.

Digital Insurance executive vice president and chief marketing officer Mike Sullivan said that Digital is in the midst of a strategic expansion program and these acquisitions provide the company with experienced agents who have established ties to local business communities.

Atwater said Digital helps CCA to bring greater value to clients with unique services like a customer advocate center that CCA could never provide itself.

"This expands our reach beyond the employer and enables discussions with the individuals and families covered by the policies we sell. We now have a tremendous competitive advantage and an asset that sets us apart during an era of health care reform,"Atwater said.

Ramsay said that by merging with Digital BCT gain broader and deeper bandwidth, access to and clout with carriers, and a new technology platform that enables the company to better serve clients.

Digital said that it will continue pursuing acquisitions in 2011 as part of its growth strategy.