Diederich Insurance Agency subsidiary, Diederich Healthcare has expanded its coverage area to provide cost effective and accessible malpractice insurance to the physicians of New Jersey.

The expansion provides a fully admitted New Jersey carrier, Positive Physicians Insurance Exchange (PPIX), to offer additional coverage options to physicians in New Jersey.

The physician-driven medical malpractice insurance company, PPIX provides physician policyholders a stable, affordable, and long-term professional liability protection. It offers two types of policies, a traditional claims-made policy and a positive protection claims-made policy.

PPIX’s is intended to allow policyholders to grow and develop their practices without rising insurance rates and burdensome claims management that threaten business survival.

Diederich Insurance Agency chairman and CEO Jeffery Diederich said that they have achieved their goal to increase their staff of highly trained professionals dedicated to serve the needs of their healthcare clients, while expanding their accessibility.