Infrastructure benefits include availability and scalability of the network

Die Continentale, a German insurance group, is going to optimise its communications network with support from T-Systems and Nortel. T-Systems implements and operates the new infrastructure, and Nortel provides the Metro Ethernet Wide Area Networking (WAN) technology for the Dortmund-based insurance group.

Die Continentale’s new infrastructure benefits would include higher availability and scalability and a simplified administration of the network, and lower operation costs compared to more complex MPLS-based suit, said the company. WAN infrastructure to ensure the end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) for an optimised voice transmission, without delays and IP telephony without quality losses.

Joerg Elsaesser, Business Leader, Enterprise Networks, Nortel Germany, said: “Our Metro Ethernet optical solution fits perfectly with these requirements and positions Continentale to switch to highly available IP telephony in the future, which will allow them to achieve further cost-savings especially compared to more complex MPLS-based solutions.”

Helga Wissing, Account Manager, T-Systems, said: “With our solution we provide Continentale with an integrated IT infrastructure and enable the company to reduce costs as well as to optimise its customer service.”