DFA Capital Management (DFA), a provider of enterprise risk management (ERM) solutions to the insurance and financial services industries, has entered into a distribution agreement with Crest Life & General.

Crest Life & General, a South Africa-based insurance and consulting services company, will distribute its Advise stochastic modeling platform and Gems economic scenario generator software to life and non-life insurance companies in the country.

Advise is a fully scalable software platform enabling risk managers, actuaries and other insurance decision-makers to thoroughly model and analyze their businesses by simulating forward-looking numerous risk scenarios.

Gems, the integrated economic scenario generator, is a modeling tool that provides users with the ability to simulate future states of the global economy and financial markets including derivatives and alternative asset pricing. Gems can also be licensed as a standalone product.

Clients use Advise and Gems for applications such as risk management, economic capital modeling, reinsurance optimization, developing pricing and hedging strategies, inflation and interest rate modeling, asset and liability management, and to develop certifiable models to meet regulatory requirements.

Crest Life & General managing director Siva Moodley said that Advise will not only enable the company to fulfill financial services board requirements, it will also empower to gain competitive advantage in the emerging supervisory environment.

“It has proved to be unmatched in providing greater ability to understand and manage risks, which will benefit Crest and our growing client base,” Moodley said.