DestinationRx has launched a new plan compare tool for medicare supplement insurance, which provides user-friendly analysis of supplemental health plans for medicare beneficiaries.

According to DestinationRx, the new medicare supplement tool rounds out its plan compare suite for seniors, which also includes online comparison tools for medicare part D and medicare advantage plans.

The new medicare supplement tool, through a series of simple screens, allows beneficiaries to compare and choose health plan for their personal needs. The new tools is efficient for seniors to use and understand, cutting through numbers and math to provide user with a simple chart that illustrates cost savings.

In addition, the new application also provides an online application for users. It compares plans based on total annual cost in which users receive an analysis that includes not only premium costs but also co-pays, prescription drug costs and other medical cost estimation based on the user’s age and general health status.

The company said that it also operates a new version of its medicare supplement tool, where beneficiaries can compare costs across health plans, at

Toby Rogers, executive vice president of DestinationRx, said: “Many carriers approached us in 2008 and 2009 asking if we could add medicare supplement plans to our plan comparison tools. This was a logical next step for us, and we are happy to be able to fulfill their needs, and the needs of their members.”