Delta Dental Insurance Company has said that it will provide dental benefits for Superior HealthPlan’s STAR Health, STAR+PLUS and Medicare Advantage Programs.

STAR, the state and federal Medicaid program that provides free insurance to qualified children and adults, is managed by Superior on behalf of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC).

Delta Dental benefits will be available for enrollees in Superior’s three main programs: STAR Health, for children and young adults in the Texas Foster Care program; STAR+PLUS, the Texas Medicaid managed care program for low-income people who have disabilities or are elderly; and Medicare Advantage, which covers individuals with both Medicare and Medicaid.

Robert Budd, regional vice president at Delta Dental, said: “We are pleased to partner with Superior HealthPlan in support of community-based dental programs in Texas that reach out to the dentally under-served population. In partnership with Superior, the Texas Health and HHSC and the Texas Dental Association represents an opportunity that aligns perfectly with our corporate mission to expand access to affordable dental coverage.”