Include co-payments for a range of benefits such as orthodontics for adults and children

Delta Dental of California has unveiled two updated options under its DeltaCare, USA Individual and Family Program. The revamped HMO dental plans include co-payments for a range of benefits, such as orthodontics for adults and children.

Belinda Martinez, senior vice president of marketing, Delta Dental, said: “The changes are designed to help offset additional dental care costs and keep individual and family plan premiums affordable. Most important, these plans give people without employer-sponsored coverage the same type and range of services they would have under a group plan, including no or low copayments for most preventive and diagnostic care.”

Upon enrolling in DeltaCare USA, enrollees choose a primary care dentist from a specified network. Both plan options feature no deductibles or benefit maximums, claims the company.

Delta Dental of California is part of a holding company system that includes Delta Dental of Pennsylvania, Delta Dental Insurance Company and affiliated companies in 15 US states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.