Delta Dental, a dental benefits carrier, has introduced an individual dental insurance service to residents and their families of Illinois.

Previously, Delta Dental of Illinois coverage was only available through an employer-sponsored group dental benefit program.

Under this program, Delta Dental will offer three dental benefit plan options created specifically for Illinois’ individuals, couples and families without dental coverage or who don’t have access to a dental plan that’s right for them.

The individual plan options are based on the Delta Dental PPO network and offer Illinoisans a dental benefit program for $15 per month for an individual. The three coverage options include: bronze, silver, and Gold Plan.

According to the Delta Dental, the program offers additional coverage for individuals who have specific health conditions (including pregnancy, diabetes, high-risk cardiac conditions and suppressed immune systems) that can be positively affected by additional oral health care.

Delta Dental of Illinois president and CEO Bernie Glossy said the individual coverage gives consumers who don’t have access to a group dental plan control over their oral health and their wallet — with a choice of plans depending on their needs at affordable rates.