Delaware Life announced the introduction of Pinnacle MYGA, a new Multi-Year Guaranteed Fixed Annuity.

Pinnacle MYGA is a single-premium deferred annuity offering guarantee periods of three, five, seven or 10 years.

"Pinnacle MYGA appeals to retirement-oriented investors looking for the peace of mind of guaranteed interest rates, tax-deferred growth, and lifetime income options," said David Sams, Delaware Life President. "We are excited to bring this new choice to the market at a time when the demand for competitive, secure returns is high."

Pinnacle MYGA is the first new product to be released from Delaware Life, an organization which serves approximately 450,000 policyholders representing over $40 billion of in-force annuity and insurance business, and maintains a risk-based capital (RBC) ratio of 447%. Pinnacle MYGA will be distributed in conjunction with a select group of independent Financial Marketing Organizations in 47 states.