The worksite and individual solutions division of Dearborn National has selected Thunderhead's Now platform to automate production of insurance policies, customer and agent correspondence, and other communications.

According to Thunderhead, its Now platform will be integrated with a new policy administration system aimed at improving operational efficiency and delivering a personalized customer experience.

The company said that Now platform will enable Dearborn’s rapid integration and eliminate complexity and cost of keeping up with changes to desktop word-processing tools.

The Now platform is also expected to enable Dearborn to reduce pressure on IT resources by empowering business users to manage document content and business rules. This will streamline process of creating new communications and enable efficient time to market.

In addition, Dearborn National expects to leverage Thunderhead Now’s capabilities to reduce its print and mail costs.

Chuck Willson, assistant VP of IT at Dearborn National’s worksite and individual solutions division, said: “Our ultimate goal is to support our selling partners with the latest technologies that help them better take care of customers.

“Not only is Thunderhead Now more business user-centric than anything else we considered, but it offers greater flexibility to support our future communication goals.”