CSC, a provider of technology-enabled solutions and services, has expanded its Insurance Optics Business Analytics software to include additional industry-specific analytical tools in response to the growing demand for business intelligence (BI) solutions in the insurance, annuity and self-insurance markets.

The software is a part of CSC’s Insurance Optics family of business intelligence products and helps firms track key metrics and proactively address changing market conditions.

Business Analytics, which leverages SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise and Xcelsius Enterprise solutions, now offers a set of reports for each market, and in total more than 300 industry-specific analytical reports and pre-built interactive dashboards across all three markets.

These new tools are expected to help insurance carriers to focus resources on the promising lines of business, capitalize on the effective distribution channels, determine market share by customer type, increase premium persistency and expand the average number of products per customer.

Ray August, president of financial services at CSC, said: “Using the new tools within Business Analytics, insurers have a cost-effective, timely and accessible way one that is now even more vertically focused to gain insight from the volumes of data available in their systems. We will continue to expand our analytics software to help insurance and annuity providers, as well as self-insured firms, achieve long-term success by tapping into the knowledge hidden in their data.”