Crown Global Insurance, a leading provider of specialty insurance solutions, announced the completion of a new reinsurance treaty with one of the world's leading reinsurers.

With multiple treaties in force, Crown Global offers up to $90m in life insurance capacity for a given insured life.

"This treaty expands Crown Global’s partnerships with some of the leading reinsurance companies and reinforces our superior life insurance capabilities," said Perry Lerner, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Crown Global. "With this new agreement, we expanded our financial capacity, which enables us to provide our clients with a significantly stronger asset protection framework."

By establishing global reinsurance treaty partners, Crown Global demonstrated its ability to enhance its risk management process and conduct rigorous due diligence, including the standardization of definitions, processes, claims handling, contractual terms and conditions as well as contractually incorporating particular asset protection aspects for beneficiaries.

"Insurance is all about client protection and risk transfer, which are critical considerations for our clients and their estate, liquidity and asset protection needs," said Riccardo Gambineri, Senior Vice President, European Markets and Co-Head of Crown Global’s Zurich office. "To achieve this goal, we partner with superior rated reinsurance companies and utilize reinsurance treaties in our customized solutions."