In a recent announcement spokesperson for CoverAustralia , the online life insurance brokerage firm, stated that they are now offering their clients a free life insurance calculator. This life insurance calculator was designed to take the stress and uncertainty away from buying insurance. A potential insurer can visit the CoverAustralia website and answer a few simple questions in order to be provided with some estimated figures that they can use to make an informed decision regarding their life insurance policy options.

The leading online life insurance provider offering Australian’s from across the nation access to the best life insurance policies, options and companies access the life, accident and child insurance cover options.

The calculator provided takes several different factors into consideration when calculating how much life insurance the insurer will want to have. An example of the types of questions that are asked include but are not limited to how much income would the insurer like to provide their spouse with annually? How many years would they like the spouse to receive these insurance benefits? How much are the insurers liabilities? What is the value of the insurer’s current assets?

These questions are plugged into the calculator and used to provide the insurer with the policy cover amount that would be the most ideal solution for their situation. The calculator is only intended to be used as a general illustration guideline.

Once the insurer has used the calculator they are able to go ahead and use the firm’s live online chat feature in order to speak with an experienced adviser. The adviser will be able to take the information that is provided to them and offer the insurer the type of advice and service that has helped to create the outstanding reputation for service and excellence in the life insurance field.

CoverAustralia continues to look for new and innovative ways to offer their clients better value, better service and a better overall experience. It is the reason that more and more Australian’s are looking to CoverAustralia for their life insurance needs.

The advisers are available both online via the live chat feature and over the telephone.