To continue as chairman and CEO of the company

Cover-All Technologies, a Delaware corp, has entered into a new employment agreement with John Roblin, under which he will continue as chairman of the board and CEO of the company.

Mr Roblin has served as the company’s CEO since December 1999, as a member of the company’s board since March 2000, and as chairman of the board since February 2001. He served as the company’s president from December 1999 to November 2008.

Mr Roblin, said: “We have built a robust platform in My Insurance Center and reinforced our reputation for outstanding service. We have delivered two consecutive record years in 2007 / 2008. Through the third quarter of 2009, we have also delivered eleven consecutive profitable quarters. With the announcement of two new contracts earlier this month, we expect to continue our outstanding performance even in today’s uncertain economic climate.”

“I am today more excited about Cover-All’s future than ever before. I welcome the opportunity to build on our accomplishments and collaborate with the outstanding people at Cover-All and our great customers. We have high expectations for ourselves and are ready to take advantage of the opportunities that we see ahead.”