To instantly take care of financial obligations of the patients

Consumers Life of Georgia has developed and piloted its Real-Time Claims Adjudication (RTCA) system to enable patients to instantly take care of financial obligations at the point and time of their medical care.

The RTCA was Introduced in October 2008.

The web-based RTCA system was developed in-house by Consumers Life parent company Medical Mutual and mirrors the layout of a claim form. The system provides users with the status of a completed claim within seconds of submission.

The RTCA system was integrated into Consumers Life’s Provider e-Portal earlier this month, allowing all network physicians to utilise the system. In addition, an internal RTCA steering committee is monitoring progress made on claims cost estimators, which may be coupled with the RTCA system to offer additional value to consumers Life providers and members alike.

RTCA and the upcoming claims cost estimator will be accessible through Consumer Life’s new Provider e-Portal.

Consumers Life Insurance is a subsidiary of Medical Mutual, a Ohio-based health insurance company which sells health insurance products.