The UK's leading opposition party, the Conservatives, has expressed doubts about the Labour government's ability to administer the proposed national pensions savings scheme (NPSS) that would automatically enroll all employees.

<p>Investments and Pensions Europe (IPE) reports that George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, has told MPs that he is unsure whether the government&#0039;s dubious track record in delivering such massive projects will enable the scheme to get off the ground.<br /><br />He added that these concerns were edging him towards an industry-devised model. My instincts go against such a government agency, IPE quoted him as saying.<br /><br />Mr Osborne also said that the chancellor Gordon Brown&#0039;s move to axe the tax credit on equity dividends may have been the straw that broke the camel&#0039;s back on corporate attitudes towards contributory pension schemes, and reinstating the tax credit now would arguably have little effect, he claimed.</p>