Confie Seguros, a provider of auto insurance, said that it has acquired Vern Fonk Insurance Services, an insurance agencies in Washington and Oregon, to broaden its presence and primarily focus on the needs of Hispanic consumers.

The Confie Seguros and Vern Fonk management team have developed a growth strategy to strengthen its position in the Pacific Northwest with added emphasis to serving the Hispanic community.

According to Confie Seguros, Robert Thielke III will remain the head of marketing and will continue to develop trademark commercials. Craig Rexroat will oversee south end operations. The company will continue the use the name of Vern Fonk.

John Addeo, CEO of Confie Seguros, said: Kevin successfully built Vern Fonk in the Greater Washington area and the company has a great brand. We are pleased to partner with him and his team to help us expand our market share throughout Washington and Oregon and as we do so we will focus on enhancing our existing services while at the same time building our presence with the very growing Hispanic community.

“We continue to identify strong companies in other markets and we look forward to offering a wider range of services to our customers.