iPipeline, a provider on-demand software solutions for insurance industry, has partnered with Compliance Assurance Corporation (CAC) to bring their regulatory risk management solution Comply On Demand Enterprise (CODE), to life insurance carriers.

Compliance Assurance Corporation (CAC) is a provider of governance risk and compliance software to insurance companies.

Ipipeline said that the CAC’s Comply On Demand Enterprise (CODE) will provide carriers’ compliance and legal departments a regulatory risk management solution that covers across functional domains, lines of business, and infrastructure to ensure 100% compliance, as well notifying the regulatory changes.

iPipeline CEO Tim Wallace said that given the growing concerns over translating on-going regulatory changes into an actionable set of tasks to achieve compliance, iPipeline has entered into an agreement with CAC to offer CODE, an on-demand regulatory risk management solution that provides carriers with a closed-loop compliance process.

CAC CEO Jerry Shafran said CODE simplifies and automates traditionally ad hoc, high-cost, manual compliance approaches by translating regulatory changes into actionable business requirements.

"It defines the impact, maps out what needs to be done to remain fully compliant, and distributes the requirements to the appropriate subject matter experts," Shafran said.