As Dinghy's new insurance underwriting partner, Allianz will cover various risks for freelance workers who buy its flexible coverage

Allianz is looking to enter the freelance insurance market through insurtech firm Dinghy(Credit:: Filip Ballon/Allianz Benelux)

German insurance giant Allianz is looking to enter the freelance insurance market in the UK through a partnership announced today with insurtech firm Dinghy.

The insurer will provide underwriting capacity for professional indemnity, public liability and business equipment insurance for freelance professionals.

The deal has come after the former start-up was acquired by Kingsbridge Group — one of the major players in the freelance insurance market — at the start of this year.

Allianz director of broker markets Nick Hobbs said: “We recognise that the world of employment is changing rapidly and our work in getting to this point with Dinghy has re-emphasised that evolution.

allianz freelance insurance
Allianz director of broker markets Nick Hobbs (Credit: Allianz)

“With insure-as-you-work solutions expected to become more prevalent, partnering with Dinghy represents a great opportunity for Allianz.

“We are looking forward to sharing our expertise and providing flexible business insurance solutions for this fast-growing sector of the economy.”

Kingsbridge director Dorian Zanker, who was appointed Dinghy CEO in September this year, believes the industry experience brought by Allianz will help further the insurtech’s mission.

He said: “We are making insurance fairer, faster and cheaper for the new and growing population of freelancers and are extremely pleased that Allianz shares our goals as well.

“With their deep expertise, I believe we have never been in a better position to make our vision a reality for all freelancers and platform workers.”


What does new Allianz freelance insurance partner Dinghy do?

Dinghy is a web-based intermediary in the freelance insurance market that sells coverage for a range of risks that are underwritten by its insurance partners — who provide the capacity to pay claims.

It was acquired by Kingsbridge in mid-January, a move the insurer made to add a more flexible, digital platform for coverage into its business.

Dinghy’s unique selling point is the ability for freelancers to flip the switch on their insurance cover, allowing them to turn it off and save money when they’re not working.

This is done through the company’s website, which it refers to as mobile-first, and allows customers to pay for the cover they use, as opposed to paying monthly.

Co-founder Rob Hartley said its platform — a bespoke technology built in-house — was created through collaborative effort between himself and fellow business partners Ben Wilks and Edward Woodcock.

allianz freelance insurance
Director of Kingsbridge Group and Dinghy CEO Dorian Zanker (Credit: Dunedin)

He said: “We all met while working at a larger online insurance provider, and so we all had various roles that complemented building a tech-driven insurance platform.”


Dinghy named top 50 disruptor for flexible freelance insurance platform

Dinghy was recognised by online magazine D/SRUPTION — a publication that explores innovative companies — as one of its top 50 most disruptive companies in 2019.

The accolade was given in October, and Zanker said at the time: “To be named in the Top 50 most disruptive UK businesses and, in fact, the highest-ranking insurance business, is a real credit to the team and the vision we have for Dinghy.

“With its provision of short-term insurance cover, all delivered through an easy-to-use App, Dinghy is empowering a disenfranchised segment of the workforce to have access to insurance to protect themselves and their lifestyles.”