The new digital product can be bought online in less than ten minutes using a mobile device or computer, says Chubb


The Accident Champion insurance product can be bought online. (Credit: Rico Löb from Pixabay)

Combined Insurance, a supplemental insurance provider owned by Chubb, has launched Accident Champion, a new accident insurance product in the US for individuals and families that can be bought online.

According to Chubb, the new digital product has been introduced at an important time when more people seek access to extra insurance coverage. The product also allows them to shop and buy in a virtual and safe at-home environment amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

The launch of the Accident Champion insurance product is said to be part of Combined Insurance’s efforts to support the requirements of customers with flexible buying and servicing options.

Chubb Group global accident and health senior vice-president and Combined Insurance president Joe Vasquez said: “Combined has shown its strength and viability as a company focused on helping people when they need it most. We recognize that today’s consumers require digital options and are thrilled to now offer customers an online purchasing experience, starting with our accident product.

“By offering affordable, high-value insurance online for today’s common and costly accidents, we can align with broader Chubb digital efforts and help more people access the extra financial protection we all need.”

Details of the Accident Champion insurance product

Accident Champion offers three plan levels, with monthly premiums having a starting price of less than $10 for individual coverage, said Chubb.

The coverage options offered by the online accident product are for individual, individual plus spouse or children, and family.

The product is said to offer additional perks that include extra coverage with the sports package, rehabilitation and wellness benefits.

As per Chubb, the insurance policy provides direct cash benefits for common to more severe accidents that can happen in homes, on roads, in sports and at other places.

The Swiss property and casualty insurance company stated that Accident Champion assures benefits for an injury taking place during an organised sport pay 25% more, up to $1,000.