Comba Telecom Systems Holdings has entered into a collaboration agreement with the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) in a bid to expand its business worldwide.

As part of the agreement, SINOSURE’s Guangdong branch will provide a comprehensive service support package, including credit management, credit risk protection, overseas investment insurance and consultation services to Comba Telecom.

SINOSURE will specifically provide Comba with short-term export credit insurance, domestic trade credit insurance, overseas investment insurance, export business support for specific regions, medium-and-long-term export credit insurance, as well as financing facilities for the above insurance types.

Comba Telecom chairman Tony Fok said: ”The collaboration with SINOSURE does not only ensure the reliable performance of our global business operations, but also accelerates the development of our global business and enables us to capture new opportunities.”

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Comba Telecom is a wireless enhancement solutions provider to customers worldwide, while SINOSURE is a state-owned insurance company in China.