Columbus Direct is addressing the risk of people travelling uninsured with the introduction of self-service kiosks at Gatwick Airport for the purchase of its travel insurance.

Columbus is the first insurer to provide an in-airport self-service travel insurance solution. Located in the South Terminal at Gatwick, the digital kiosks will allow holidaymakers to buy their travel insurance in just three minutes.

Research from the ABTA has found that almost a quarter of holidaymakers travel without insurance every year.

Columbus has also identified a rise in the number of so-called ‘last minuters’, who know they require travel insurance but have simply not got around to buying it in advance of departure.

The kiosks are intended to address this need and serve as a helpful point of assistance for these customers.

Alison Wild, Head of Marketing at Columbus Direct said: "Preparing for a holiday is often a mixture of excitement and stress with so many arrangements to be made. Whether you are a large family, a couple, or an individual there is nearly always something that gets left to the last minute or forgotten altogether, and travel insurance can fall within this category.

"In launching our Columbus kiosks we want to give customers an extra safety net for arranging that all-important cover in a way that is quick and simple, so that they can then get on with enjoying their holiday with peace of mind."

Columbus Direct is a leading travel insurance specialist which was established in 1988 selling both online and offline via call centre channels.