CNA, a commercial insurance writer, has announced that its HealthPro Advanced Medical Technology unit now provides a new coverage for product liability along with products designed to address professional liability exposure.

The new policy forms are clear with the coverage terms as well as additional highlights, including: circumstance reporting, a ‘related claims’ provision, advertising injury/personal injury protection for clinical trials, dual coverage trigger for both professional liability and products work-hazard liability, and an automatic primary and non-contributory provision.

In addition to products and professional liability coverages, HealthPro Advanced Medical Technology provides other insurance products tailored to the life sciences industry, including: premises liability, property and business income, workers’ compensation and umbrella liability policies.

Mark Wood, vice president of HealthPro Advanced Medical Technology unit at CNA, said: We have a strong commitment to the companies that develop and manufacture health care products. Thus, we are continually adapting our underwriting philosophies and coverages to meet their needs.