Commercial property and casualty insurance provider CNA has introduced its new package policy for mid-sized businesses, known as CNA Paramount, which combines property and general liability coverage.

The policy will cover contractual penalties, forgery and alteration, protection of property, research and development like restoration expense and business income, unintentional errors or omissions, expediting expenses, and green insured property.

Collecting all the basic and critical property and crime coverage needs into a single package, CNA Paramount also offers 11 coverages under a single limit, at no additional charge.

CNA vice president of property Jim Segriff said that the policy responds to the complex needs and risks of today’s modern businesses, such as the expanded digital and global landscape.

"We will continually be updating CNA Paramount based on the input we receive from agents and customers, in terms of what it takes to protect and cover businesses in the right way," Segriff added.