The fully automated quoting engine is now live in Florida and Alabama


Image: Clovered launches digital insurance distribution platform. Photo: courtesy of William Iven from Pixabay.

Clovered Inc., a value-added digital insurance service provider, announced today the launch of its online platform where consumers can go for information on how to Prepare, Protect and Recover from unfortunate events, in addition to the ability to receive a quote and fully bind a policy through its automated digital platform. The company is licensed to place home, flood and auto insurance in more than 15 states with more than 10 carrier appointments. The fully automated quoting engine is now live in Florida and Alabama.

Clovered resides at the intersection of technology and real people. Its easy-to-use online quoting tool incorporates technologies to auto-populate risk data and home information, eliminates the number of questions the customers have to go through and improves the overall customer experience. This allows a quick, easy and all-inclusive quoting process that can be completed in about three minutes from start to finish.

“As the insurance industry continues to evolve and, more importantly, as consumer behavior evolves, adoption of streamlined, tech-enabled distribution methods should improve,” said Sean McCahill, Vice President of Clovered.

“At Clovered, we provide a seamless experience, access to informative, thoughtful content and the ability to fully bind an insurance policy from the convenience of your fingertips. Our focus is on the consumer. Always.”

Clovered is also home to a team of in-house licensed agents and a chat and call center with customer service representatives who can answer any questions people may have about insurance, their policy and many other insurance-related topics. Its wide network of insurance carrier and agent partners enables Clovered to refer business in all 50 states.

In addition to providing the ability to quote and bind entirely online using a multi-rater tool that auto-populates pertinent home information and risk data, Clovered’s website serves an ever-updating archive of free informational content that strives to demystify insurance and break down insurance concepts into simplified terms.

With its digitally centric mentality and strong focus on creating a better consumer experience, Clovered provides value to its consumers and partners. Its archive of educational information is always free and located at the consumers’ fingertips — because we believe, educating people about insurance helps consumers make better-informed decisions.

Source: Company Press Release