ISCS, developer of the cloud-based SurePower Innovation modern enterprise suite, is pleased to announce Clements Worldwide (Clements) has successfully deployed a new direct-to-consumer portal through SurePower Innovation.

After a successful implementation last year, Clements was able to quickly configure the new portal for the policy, billing, claims and underwriting components of SurePower Innovation.

Clements, a leading insurance provider of international car, property, term life, health, specialty and high-risk coverages for expatriates and international organizations, recognized the heightened need for self-service functionality among many of the company’s global clients and turned to ISCS for a solution that would enhance Clements’ successful implementation of SurePower Innovation.

The portal functionality offered by ISCS brings much needed self-service capabilities to Clements’ personal auto and personal property lines by enabling quoting, applying, paying and full policy fulfillment at the point-of-sale.

"Our clients are now able to do complete policy fulfillment online, thereby meeting increased expectations and delivering policy documents at the point-of-sale," said Ken Mitchel, director of IT for Clements.

"This results in happy clients and also increased operational efficiencies, as business that used to be manually processed is done online."

As a current ISCS customer and SurePower Innovation user, the implementation process took advantage of pre-built integration points and made the experience both rapid and efficient for Clements with no business interruption at all.

Clements’ new portal is designed to empower clients by providing the ability to report and track claims, request policy changes, make payments and view policy documents, all without agent or company intervention and waiting times.

Clements expects the self-service functionality delivered via this new portal will decrease demand for customer service resources, improve customer retention due to higher satisfaction levels, increase sales and boost productivity.

"Clements recognized both a need for new functionality and how the capabilities of SurePower Innovation could support this," said Andy Scurto, president of ISCS.

Clements Worldwide is a leading insurance provider for expatriates and international organizations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers international car, property, term life, health, specialty and high risk insurance in over 170 countries.

With offices in Washington, D.C., London, and Dubai, Clements delivers comprehensive coverage, superior customer service, and unparalleled claims response.