To provide commercial coverage and access to quality physicians for children

Clear One Health Plans has received a notice from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) of its intent to award the company a contract for the Healthy KidsConnect Plan, which is expected to be available January 1, 2010. 

Clear One Health Plans would be a regional health insurance carrier offering the new individual health plan specifically designed for Oregon’s uninsured children in partnership with the Office of Private Health Partnerships (OPHP). 

The plan would provide affordable, accessible health care coverage to Oregon children under the age of 19 throughout Central and Eastern Oregon, Marion, Polk, Douglas, and Josephine counties, and portions of the metropolitan Tri-county area. The Clear One Healthy KidsConnect Plan would offer medical care including regular checkups, preventive care, prescription drugs, mental health, chemical dependency, vision, dental, and care management services to children who are currently uninsured.

Patricia Gibford, president and CEO of Clear One Health Plans, said: “Over 116,000 children in Oregon are currently without health insurance coverage. Our Clear One Healthy KidsConnect plan would offer commercial coverage and provide access to high quality physicians for children, who are most in need, at little to no cost.”

As the regional carrier, Clear One Health Plans would provide children in underserved populations with access to an array of providers through an alliance of physician partnerships throughout Oregon.