Clarabridge has launched a new customer experience management solution built for health insurance companies to transform the way insurers manage and improve their member experience.

Clarabridge’s health insurance solution—designed for rapid deployment and immediate results—empowers insurers to listen to and convert the mountains of feedback members are sharing across various channels into actionable insights that increase member satisfaction and lead to dramatic cost-savings.

As enrollees continue to demand affordable, consumer-directed plans, health insurance companies need to prioritize the member experience more than ever before in order to thrive in this new era of consumer-focused healthcare.

For years, Clarabridge has helped its healthcare customers––UnitedHealth Group, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Health Care Service Corporation—enhance the member journey, resulting in long-term benefits, including: lower churn rates, improved STAR ratings and higher Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Drawing from these experiences, Clarabridge has built the most comprehensive industry-standard solution that provides insurers with the tools to gain a complete understanding of member behavior and satisfaction drivers. New features include:

  • More relevant, effective data: Connecting data from common sources of member feedback in the health insurance industry––grievance and appeals files, call recordings, social media, CAHPS survey data, ratings and reviews websites, etc.––enables insurers to capture what members are saying about their company across channels and identify frequently asked questions about specific interactions like billing and fees, so they can implement business initiatives that resolve those issues.
  • Faster insight discovery: New out-of-the-box healthcare category models—such as Insurance, Prescriptions and Medications, Call Center, Claims Experience and Provider models—automatically organize member feedback and detect fraud.
  • Enhanced sentiment listening: Understanding sentiment for common topics ensures providers easily uncover friction points across the member journey in order to more efficiently recognize how they should handle those processes like enrollment, claims and support to improve the member experience.
  • Interactive insight dashboards: Drill down from an executive view into specific lines of business and analyze member feedback down to an individual’s response. Segment data by attributes such as contract or policy number, plan type or location, so executives can identify the needs and healthcare concerns of specific demographics to help future enrollees with plan selection and education.
  • Improving call center optimization: Best-in-class speech-to-text translation capabilities evaluate contact center interactions, allowing executives to identify and fix the root cause of expensive cases through better self-service options and agent training, which reduces the volume and cost of member support.
  • Competitor benchmarking: Unprecedented ability for users to identify key trends and data metrics of their member journey and compare against those of their competitors, guaranteeing that insurers’ customer experience investments result in profits.

Clarabridge product marketing VP Julie Miller said: “The health insurance industry is rapidly evolving, and member demands are ever-changing. Insurers now need to engage and attract digitally-savvy enrollees across a variety of channels, while keeping cost of service down.

“Clarabridge offers an all-inclusive solution for health insurance companies that enables insurers to understand the member’s voice and deliver a quality member experience across all touchpoints affordably.”

UnitedHealth Group Enterprise Customer Experience Strategy VP Paul Long said: “Clarabridge has been a great partner for us, helping us reduce member pain points and ease friction across the member journey. The value that Clarabridge brings to our customer experience program through text and sentiment analyses really makes their solution an essential tool for us.”

Insurers can implement Clarabridge’s health insurance solution themselves, or Clarabridge can provide CEM consulting experts with health insurance knowledge to assist.