Clal Insurance, a leading insurance company, chose KMS lighthouse to drastically improve customer service reps interaction with the customer. The project was completed in only three months and serves Clal Insurance's customer service department.

Clal chose Lighthouse as its knowledge management system, due to the system’s ability to provide consistent accurate answers to customer questions; a strong search engine and an intuitive-user interface.

Lighthouse enables company employees to consume organizational knowledge quickly, by receiving quick answers to questions, comparing items and using procedural scenarios.

Liat Strauss, Clal Insurance SVP and Director of Service, said: "Clal Insurance is constantly working to improve the technologies available to the company’s customer service teams. The Lighthouse system will enable representatives to easily access huge amounts of information, efficiently and quickly."

Yossi Caspi, KMS lighthouse CEO, said: "I am confident that Lighthouse’s strong abilities enable companies to improve service and sales processes and cut costs; provide consistent knowledge across all channels; quickly train company employees and preserve employees’ expertise, will serve Clal Insurance. We thank them for their trust in us."

The Lighthouse knowledge solution improves performance and productivity, by providing agents, customers and managers on all channels with real-time and on-the-spot access to all the information they need to optimize customer service and to transform customer engagement into sales.

Lighthouse is suitable for all business units: sales, customer service, back-office, technical support, and implementing go-to-market strategy, by providing users with consistent and accurate answers to questions and queries in less than five seconds.

This capability combined with excellent knowledge visualization and our lightning-fast implementation, it is a comprehensive solution to any company’s knowledge requirements.

Lighthouse is built upon structured business knowledge in a central business repository, which can then be consumed on various channels: in the office, at the store, in the field or self-service.