Citi, in partnership with mPay and Prudential, has announced that it is launching a new payment channel called M-Collect, which allows users to access financial services from a mobile phone as the point of payment transaction initiation.

Prudential policyholders can make insurance premium payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, across Thailand at their convenience. After the payment is made, policyholders will receive an SMS to confirm the receipt and verify the payment transaction.

Citi said that the collaboration will enhance customer satisfaction for Prudential policyholders through the use of modern technology from mPay, and safe and secure financial services from Citi.

Peter Eliot, country officer of Citibank in Thailand, said: Prudential customers will benefit from this as an alternative payment channel from traditional channels such as counter services, post offices, ATMs, cashier checks, etc., and for ease and convenience to execute transactions at any time and from any location nationwide.