Citi Handlowy and MetLife Towarzystwo Ubezpieczen na Zycie have launched a subscription for Treasures of Russia Investment Life Insurance.

Citi said that this offer will allow customers to earn higher returns linked to the share prices of Russian companies and, at the same time, provide 100% capital guarantee.

The Treasures of Russia Investment Life Insurance is a new combination of transaction security and the opportunity to earn higher returns than traditional deposit products. The customers are provided life coverage for three years and a 100% premium guarantee on the expiry date of the insurance. Additionally, the product holders are able to participate in profits of leading Russian companies.

The rate of return on the product depends on the performance of shares of five Russian companies operating in the power and mining sectors.

Piotr Kazimierski, head of treasury products office at Citi Handlowy, said: Russia, with one of the largest documented oil deposits, is one of the world’s oil powers. It is also the largest producer of natural gas. Therefore, we can expect that, in view of the growing demand for raw materials and the rising prices of power and oil, the financial condition of the selected five Russian companies will be very good.