Ci&T has developed a new workflow application for MetLife, to automate processes involved in sales and processing of new insurance policies for MetLife's individual, SMB and corporate clients.

According to Ci&T, the new application demonstrated benefits in standardizing the flow of information and fostering collaboration within MetLife. It automates the functions, reducing time for analysis of individual proposals and electronically documenting history of each proposal.

In addition, the project also resulted in enhanced relations between MetLife’s brokers and its customers, reducing dependence on manual processes for proposal analysis and enabling an efficient focus on customer service.

Fatima Primati, chief information officer of MetLife Brazil, siad: “When we invested in the implementation of a new application by Ci&T, MetLife sought an innovative tool that would allow the issuance of policies with significantly greater efficiency.”

Leonardo Mattiazzi, vice president of international business at Ci&T, siad: “Our Lean approach to application development enables us to deliver greater value to our clients’ businesses at an incredibly fast pace.

“The principles employed in this approach are designed to do nothing but add value in each engagement. In this way our customers benefit by receiving the features most critical to their businesses in every project, delivered faster than they previously thought possible.”