To provide solutions to the unemployed

Cinergy Health, a provider of guaranteed issue health insurance benefit programs, has addressed concern that the labor department’s release of U-6 number suggests nearly one in five Americans are without a full-time job and unlikely to have health insurance.

Cinergy Health offers alternatives to exorbitant insurance premiums for individuals and families, regardless of income or health condition. The plans are intended to help people to seek care when needed.

Daniel Touizer, CEO of Cinergy Health, said: True unemployment rates are determined by the U-6 number, which has spiked to 17.5%, the highest rate in over 20 years. These statistics are alarming as it means that many Americans do not have access to affordable health insurance from their employers and are at extreme financial risk if something goes wrong.”

The company said that though there are often extensions available for the laid-off employees, such as COBRA, the premiums are often much higher than someone who is unemployed can.