Health insurer Cigna has expanded its Dental HMO plans with 24 new plan options to help customers and employers meet their benefits budgets.

Cigna said that the new options plan will retain all of the benefits available in the existing DHMO plans, including coverage for up to four cleanings a year, teeth whitening, increased fluoride treatment coverage for children, and identify theft resolution services.

It said that the plan participants will also continue to have access to the Cigna Dental Oral Health Integration Program and Healthy Rewards programs.

Accpording to the Cigna, the key features of the new plan include: 24/7 dental information line, clinical advancements in dentistry and wider variety of plan options.

Cigna dental products assistant vice president Bebe Shuler-Mure said the new options will help employers control costs without sacrificing access to benefits and help them continue to promote a healthy, productive workforce.

The CIGNA Dental HMO network includes 15,641 dentists, which translates to approximately 53,369 dentist locations.