Cigan International has expanded its network in Africa with the addition of 47,000 health care facilities as part of the launch of CiganLinks Africa in South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Morocco. The CiganLinks Africa network expansion is designed to offer customers discounts when accessing local network for care and to reduce costs at the time care is delivered.

The company said that the Cigan international expatriate benefits (CIEB) network provides access to care for mobile employees and their family members globally.

According to Cigna, the CiganLinks programs enable customers to access care wherever they work or travel. With recent network expansions, CIEB has grown its health care facility network outside of the US. CIEB serves customers offers covered expatriates and business travelers 24/7 customer service regardless of their location.

The company said that the CiganLinks Africa integrates CIEB’s global coverage with administrative services and health care facility networks of medical services organisation (MSO) and MSO’s joint venture, global access health network, both located in South Africa.

Sonny Patel, senior director of global health solutions at CIEB, said: “CIEB launched CiganLinks beginning in 2005 to simplify the claims process and health care payment for expatriates and their families. The program integrates CIEB’s global medical plans with the administrative services and networks of local health care organizations.”