US-based property and casualty insurer Capital Insurance Group (CIG) has introduced three new 2% total premium credits for commercial apartment and condominium lines.

The credits include the stovetop fire-prevention, automatic water supply line flood-prevention-device, and tenants insurance.

Each credit segment offers 2% total premium reductions if the insured complex maintains fire suppression technology for stovetops, flood prevention technology on minimum three water supply lines, and tenant personal liability insurance, respectively, in every unit.

CIG commercial lines director Ken Stewart said, "These types of unique, business-conscious insurance products are a win/win proposition; owners and managers protect their tenants and investments while saving money."

With respect to the recognition of the benefits of stovetop fire-prevention devices, CIG is providing a 2% total premium credit for apartment or condominium complexes that have every unit protected by a stovetop fire-prevention device activated by the detection of heat/flame.

Similarly, the company is offering a 2% total premium credit for complexes in which each unit has flood-prevention devices, as well as a 2% total premium credit for apartment complex insurance, where every tenant has purchased liability insurance.

CIG insures personal auto, homeowners, farmowners, condo owners, vacation property, renters, apartment building owners, and numerous types of commercial and agricultural auto and property.