Web chat is expected to allow prospects and customers to connect with brokers on the Web

CHOICE Administrators is partnering with LiveChime, to provide insurance brokers with a new way to generate leads, increase sales, and improve client retention using instant Web chat.

Web chat is expected to enable prospects and customers to connect with brokers from anywhere they advertise on the Web. LiveChime works on any Web page, allowing prospects to ‘click-to-chat’ without having to download and install additional programs or even leave the page, as reported by the company.

Ron Goldstein, president of CHOICE Administrators, said: “CHOICE Administrators is always looking for ways to make our nearly 14,000 current brokers’ businesses easier and more profitable, and this is just one more example of how we’re doing that.”

John Word III, co-founder of The Word & Brown Companies, parent company to CHOICE Administrators, said: “We are committed to making it easier for our brokers to communicate and build long-term relationships with their clients. This partnership provides immediate cutting-edge technology and personalized service to all licensed insurance brokers across the nation.”

Tod Turner, chief executive officer for LiveChime, said: “The Word & Brown Companies and CHOICE Administrators are market leaders and share our vision of how the industry needs to adapt to the changing trends regarding how consumers research and purchase professional products and services on the Internet.”