China Lending Corporation has entered into a five-year strategic partnership agreement with Rui Xin Insurance Technology (Ningbo) (Rui Xin), a financial technology company providing comprehensive insurance solutions.


Image: China Lending partners with Rui Xin. Photo: Courtesy of Gerd Altmann/Pixabay

Through the partnership, each party expects to jointly grow their businesses and help each other to expand their customer base by leveraging each other’s unique and complementary strength as well as resource in financial technology, the consumer finance market and the insurance industry.

China Lending will work with Rui Xin to develop its own consumer financial platform. In collaboration with Rui Xin and its partners, the Company expects to provide value-added consumer financial services to insurance consumers of Rui Xin and its partners. Benefiting from the anticipated size of the business and the good credit record of insurance consumers, China Lending will improve its asset quality and maintain sustainable business growth through the partnership. In addition, China Lending and Rui Xin will also explore collaboration opportunities in areas such as insurance consumer acquisition, development of insurance products, expansion of insurance business, and customization of consumer financial solutions.

Moreover, China Lending will benefit from Rui Xin and its partners’ advanced technological capabilities in big data and artificial intelligence to improve its risk management and enhance its customer experience.

Through this partnership, Rui Xin will be able to explore new business opportunities and increase its competency to eventually expand its customer base in the insurance industry by benefiting from China Lending’s financial service expertise, bank credit facility resource, and client base in certain regional markets.

Ms. Jingping Li, co-founder and chief executive officer of China Lending, commented, “Our entering into the partnership conforms with our long-term goal of providing individuals and enterprises in China with our quality financial service products. We will continue to improve our operating efficiencies, diversify our product offerings, and strengthen our collaborations with partners in different segments. Through our partnership with Rui Xin, we will develop a customer base for consumer financial services and serve customers with long-term financing needs. We will also benefit from assisting Rui Xin and its partners with the expansion of insurance business. Rui Xin and its partners’ capabilities and experience in applying advanced financial technologies will enhance our risk management capability and help us to achieve innovations of financial products to better satisfy diversified customer demands.”

“We are excited to collaborate with China Lending. We believe the partnership will create synergies for both parties in technological and commercial areas. Going forward, we will continue to promote the integration of our resources, explore potential business opportunities, and expand our customer bases to boost the business growth of both parties,” said Mr. Yanliang Zhuang, vice president of Rui Xin.

Source: Company Press Release