US retail bank Chase - part of the JP Morgan group - will extend its ATM network in over 300 Walgreens stores across the Sunshine State to accommodate its growing number of winter inhabitants.

As part of a multiyear branding agreement with Cardtronics, which owns and operates the ATMs, Chase will add its blue octagon logo on ATMs in Walgreens drug stores in Florida; increasing its network fivefold in the Sunshine State.

Chase has begun the branding and hopes to reach 317 stores by the end of the summer, primarily in key metropolitan areas around the state, in preparation for the one million temporary winter residents expected.

Chase currently only has 70 ATMs in Florida, including 39 at Walt Disney World and 13 at Universal Studios.

We are teaming up with Florida’s leading drugstore to create 317 more ways to serve our customers, especially those from the Northeast and Midwest who travel frequently to Florida, for both short and long visits, said Jeff Carter, retail banking manager for Chase in Florida.

The Florida ATMs expansion will build upon Chase’s long-standing relationship with Walgreens. In 2005, Chase added ATMs at 220 Walgreens stores in Arizona. By the end of 2006, Chase hopes to have ATMs in 1,200 Walgreens stores in seven states, including 385 in the Chicago area.