Chartis has introduced XSEnhanced:Retail, the second in the XSEnhanced suite of commercial umbrella coverages, which addresses exposures facing the retail industry by offering new enhancements.

The company has said that the coverages for any vendor acting as a distributor or seller of the insured’s products, with coverage for bodily injury or property damage arising out of the sale or distribution of the insured’s product(s) in the normal course of the vendor’s business.

The coverage for bodily injury or property damage arising out of professional services performed by or on behalf of the insured, including wrongful acts performed by any employed lawyer; and expanded definitions to provide third-party discrimination or humiliation coverage.

In addition, the insureds have complimentary access to CrisisResponse and RiskTool. CrisisResponse provides claims support, professional assistance and first dollar coverage outside the umbrella limit in the event of a crisis. It offers up to $250,000 indemnification for crisis management costs; up to $50,000 indemnification for public relations expenses; and a product recall enhancement inspection or disposal of an unsafe or contaminated product in connection with a crisis situation, the company said.

According to Chartis, the RiskTool enables policyholders to obtain ready-to-use best practice assessments, identify workplace risks to reduce employee injuries, and build and monitor risk management programs online. It features training resources for the retail industry, including health and safety guidance for warehousing and delivery, a handbook on regulated products and a product recall checklist.

Chris Kopser, president of excess casualty division of Chartis, said: “XSEnhanced: Retail is our latest effort to help select sectors comprehensively address their casualty insurance needs. We now have two products available in our XSEnhanced suite and look forward to introducing more industry-specific solutions in the coming months.”