Chartis has expanded healthcare management liability suite of products offered by its executive liability division to address expanding risks facing board members and executives of healthcare companies.

According to Chartis, healthcare coverage enhancements include: coverage for claims alleging discrimination in selection for entry into a human clinical trial; coverage for insurable civil fines and penalties for emergency medical treatment and active labor act and health insurance portability and accountability act; and an expanded definition of organization to include certain auxiliaries, guilds and foundations formed by the insured.

The company said that insureds will also have complimentary access to new enhanced CrisisFund coverage, which provides coverage for costs associated with responding to and addressing crisis that may be faced by healthcare organizations.

The expanded CrisisFund offering includes: coverage for costs incurred in responding to detrimental public announcements and media events; option to select qualified law firm to assist insureds with managing a crisis event; and first-dollar coverage with high sublimits and no retention.

John Gambale, president of private, non-profit unit of Executive Liability at Chartis, said: “We have maintained a consistent presence in this industry class, and as the healthcare landscape continues to change, these enhancements emphasize our commitment to meet the unique needs of our healthcare clients.”