Ceridian Corporation has formed Ceridian Exchange Services, a new operational resources and management, to help states create, implement and operate health insurance exchanges.

The Ceridian Exchange Services is expected to address the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), under which each state is required to establish exchanges for individual and small business by 1 January 2014 or have the federal government run one on its behalf. States must have their plans in place, however, no later than January 2013.

According to the Ceridian, the newly launched service will offer an outsourcing solution that leverages the company’s expertise in premium and funds management, as well as subsidy administration, eligibility and enrollment, and integrated health education and wellness programs.

Ceridian Exchange Services president Bart Valdez said that the key will be for states to streamline administrative processes, cost-effectively manage complex payment transactions and encourage enrollment through compelling health care education programs. Ceridian is prepared to help states succeed in doing that.

States face unprecedented pressure to make sure their exchanges can encourage marketplace competition and deliver affordable health care coverage,” Valdez said.

We can help states reduce administrative costs, increase consumer choice and participation, manage federal subsidies, and inspire consumers to take personal responsibility for their health and health care.

Ceridian is a provider of outsourced payroll, health care benefits administration, funds management and wellness program administration.