CED has completed the acquisition of Spain’s Tebex Dano, a bodily injury expert, following an agreement signed in mid of March this year.

CED holding Board of Directors chairman Stef Witteveen said with the takeover of Tebex Dano, CED has considerably increased its market share in the Spanish market.

"Over the past two years, CED has seen its turnover in Spain grow from EUR2.5m to EUR17m," Witteveen added.

"With the takeover of Tebex Daño, the realization of our ambition to be, in five years from now, a leading European claim expert is getting closer and closer."

Tebex Dano handles over 30,000 medical files with a national network of 150 freelance doctors and 25 fulltime colleagues.

Jose Cobos of Tebex Dano will join CED in Spain and report to CED Spain director Rafael Orfila.

Jose Cobos said the clear strategic course of CED offers many opportunities in Spain for further increase and development of the EMA business line, within the scope of which falls bodily injury reporting.

Last year, the company has acquired GTP and CSP, which specialise in the field of automotive and property & liability claims.

CED Spain managing director Rafael Orfila said the positive experiences, which the company has gained through the earlier takeovers, has ensured that the takeover with Jose Cobos’ team has also been very pleasant and efficient.