Insurance software house CDL has introduced new quotes solution, featuring Experian's Delphi for Insurance (DFI) risk score.

Available through the CDL enrichment hub, the new solution has been introduced to its broker community for all major channels which includes contact centre, web and aggregator business.

Experian Insurance general manager Jo Buxton said that the company and CDL have designed a solution that optimizes the delivery of the necessary data to enhance decision making.

CDL business strategist Nigel Phillips said that the new solution has been developed directly in line with customer feedback to tackle the insurance fraud head-on issue.

"It is a particularly powerful proposition because of the extent of data-linked pricing control it offers intermediaries at the point of quotation, and the increased insight of the risk associated with the individual provided by Experian’s risk score."

In addition to enabling intermediaries to assess instant risk of a customer claiming on a policy or defaulting on premium payments, the service can help prevent insurance fraud using data as a tool.