Care and Allianz have announced that they are offering a new type of community health insurance in an area hit by the tsunami in 2004, in four regions south of the city of Chennai, India, where Care works.

Within a year, Care and Allianz expect to have up to 200,000 customers aged 18 to 70 buying the microinsurance coverage. The companies said that they offer coverage packages which protect people against natural catastrophes or accidents for well under 10 cents a month.

RN Mohanty, who oversees the project for Care International in India, said: The insurance packages Care and Allianz are offering people are the first of their kind. The people we work with are among the most vulnerable in India, and they are at risk of an increasing number of natural disasters. By working with these communities so closely, we are sure we are able to offer them the products they know they need.