CapSpecialty announced the launch of CapSpecialty TechMediaCyber (CapTMC ), a new Professional Liability Errors & Omissions [E&O] product issued by Capitol Specialty Insurance that includes cyber protection and offers data privacy and network security coverage.

With its expansive cyber policy language and broad professional services wording, CapTMC provides critical coverage for clients across the technology and cyber marketplace.

The product is uniquely tailored to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses providing technology-related services or products like internet services and content dissemination.

Product features include broad definition of technology and internet Activities, including creation and dissemination of content, coverage for electronic data as well as paper files and privacy breach response services.

According to Alice Ergovich, Head of Miscellaneous and Tech E&O at CapSpecialty, "CapTMC was developed by a team of seasoned Technology E&O underwriters who understand the unique insurance needs of technology professionals.

"Our ability to tailor our coverage, provide personalized service and meet the needs of our clients across the technology market positions CapSpecialty as a preferred provider of Technology E&O solutions."

Adam Sills, Head of Professional Liability at CapSpecialty, said, "We are committed to making CapSpecialty the preferred specialty professional liability provider in the market. Products like CapTMC are developed with the input and close collaboration of our clients, helping to deepen our marketplace partnerships while better meeting the specific needs of our clients."

CapSpecialty pairs specialty insurance, including commercial property, casualty, surety and professional lines, with exceptional service for agents nationwide.