Capacity Coverage Company of New Jersey, (CCCNJ), an insurance and risk management intermediary in the US, has launched new tools to help clients manage the risk related to their electronic health record (EHR) activities.

According to the National Center for Health, over 38% of all office-based physicians reported using some form of EHR system. Driven by the federal HITECH Act passed last year, this number will grow in the coming years.

CCCNJ said that it is looking to help local and regional physician practice groups, hospitals, pharmacies, and diagnostic centers all of whom have access to significant amounts of sensitive EHR data.

Paul Paray, regional vice president at CCCNJ, said: When consulting with clients, we advise them to protect their most sensitive data the most and it is often the case that EHR data is their most sensitive data.It really does not matter how small or cash-strapped the practice group, there are things that can be done to cost effectively mitigate EHR risk.Many smaller firms are not even aware that low-cost network security and privacy insurance is available to help protect them while they are building out their EHR system.