To launch a new healthcare software management tool to reduce costs

Cantor Insurance, a unit of Cantor Fitzgerald, has teamed up with Healthcare Interactive to introduce Cantor Health Interactive. Its a new healthcare software management tool to help businesses monitor and reduce their healthcare costs.

According to Healthcare Interactive, the Cantor Health Interactive service model is designed to simplify healthcare information and delivery.

The Cantor Healthcare Interactive software, which is delivered through a secure, integrated, HIPAA – compliant, intelligent on-line network, is said to save over 15% on total healthcare costs.

Stuart Hersch, president of Cantor Insurance, said: “Most corporations know more detail about the cost of their inventory and office supplies than they do about the cost of their healthcare. Employers need sophisticated tools to measure and control these costs. Our software provides innovative forecasting and simulation capabilities that prevent companies from being blindsided by unexpected medical and pharmacy costs.