CAA Insurance has deployed Guidewire InsuranceSuite as its new platform for rating, underwriting and policy administration, claims management and billing, in an effort to improve the experience of its members and agents.

The deployment follows completion of a 14-month implementation project during which all InsuranceSuite systems were completed in parallel, including many external integrations.

The company is using the solution for both their personal lines of business, including auto and property, and its main call center in Thornhill, Ontario, and 40 retail locations are all live on InsuranceSuite, as of 01 December 2012.

CAA South Central Ontario Insurance vice president Matthew Turack said the Guidewire solutions fully complements the company’s SOA architecture, enabling it to leverage all the work carried out for Enterprise Service Bus over the past few years.

”Since all of the systems speak the same language, provide the same user experience, and have a unified look and feel, it allows for seamless integration and enhancement,” Turack added.

The software enables the company to conduct advanced underwriting, improve customer experience, as well as increase analytical capabilities.

Designed using a modular approach, Guidewire InsuranceSuite enables insurers to select individual applications including its PolicyCenter, BillingCenter and ClaimCenter.