Small Business Cybersecurity leader to offer fully integrated cyber liability insurance coverage with its next generation A.I. Software and Security Operations Center


Transmosis launches cybersecurity insurance solution. (Credit: Pixabay/Pete Linforth.)

Transmosis, a nationally recognized leader in small business cybersecurity protection, has announced a new integrated product offering in partnership with Cysurance, a next-generation cyber insurance solutions provider. The partnership introduces a fully integrated cyber liability insurance solution along with the CyberOPS A.I. software and 24/7 live virtual Security Operations Center (vSOC).  This enterprise level solution is expected to streamline and enhance small businesses’ ability to protect against cyber attack and reduce their overall cyber liability and financial risk.

CyberOPS now provides small businesses with a one stop shop for advanced cyber protection and bundled cyber liability insurance. The fully integrated solution means that small businesses can be approved for both in minutes and insurance claims are settled faster and more completely through the use of CyberOPS technology.  The product requires no insurance brokers, complicated research, or yearly contracts and is bundled into a monthly subscription model.

CyberOPS, which debuted earlier this year to expert acclaim, allows the nation’s small businesses and ‘micro’ businesses (those with fewer than 100 employees) to access a military-grade, enterprise level cybersecurity platform utilizing a 24/7 live vSOC with dedicated security analysts protecting.  Modeled after sophisticated protection systems used by Fortune 1000 companies, CyberOPS acts as a fully outsourced cyber security team for small businesses, an option that has been largely unavailable to date with most solutions geared to larger enterprises and big budgets.

Surveys show that many small business owners are overconfident and under prepared when it comes to cybersecurity, falsely believing that consumer solutions like Antivirus and Firewalls are sufficient protection. Antivirus software is typically unable to detect these modern threats, and in some cases it is being used to deploy the ransomware that encrypts the data. (*Forbes)

In the event of a breach, CyberOPS automatically sends critical forensic data to Cysurance’s tech-enabled claims platform to support quicker, fuller reimbursements where a smart contract records it in a blockchain for full transparency and expedited claim settlements.  Additionally, unlike many existing cyber liability insurance policies, CyberOPS has negotiated lower insurance coverage amounts and rates that are more appropriate for small businesses and integrated it all into a simple monthly subscription.

“Small businesses are the #1 target today for cyber attack.  We decided to further bulletproof our CyberOPS platform with cyber liability insurance, making it easy for business owners to acquire enterprise level protection and coverage for the unexpected in a very affordable way,” said Chase Norlin, CEO of Transmosis.

Source: Company Press Release